You can expect the highest level of service from the initial conversation until you are at the closing table receiving your keys. We work with your absolute best interests in mind at all times, we are not living and dying deal to deal, so we can afford to provide you with a 100% transparent opinion. We don't consider ourselves sales people, we act more like your partner or consultants. We are NEVER selling you. That is not our business model. The only thing we do not do is property searches for our clients. We noticed that regardless of who buyers choose to represent them these days, they are all doing their own searches on websites like StreetEasy.

  1. We never ask you what you want to pay for a property you are considering to bid on. We will always give you our thoughts first. This includes: a comparable report, our perspective on condition, location, light, and view. We will also point out any red flags that, while they may not bother you, might bother a large percentage of buyers when it's time for you to sell. We also will do a basic check of DOB records to look for any issues (especially in a townhouse sale).

  2. We schedule and will accompany you to all private showings or any showing at which you wish us to be present.

  3. We will work with you to assemble your offer and work out a bidding strategy. We'll always tell you what we think, then we can discuss to try and understand each other’s position.

  4. We have board package preparation down to a science. We use ADOBE PRO to make the process as efficient, effective and secure as possible. You will receive detailed preparation notes for your specific board package. You will also receive a reference letter package to help you assemble the best possible references letters, which is especially important with a co-op board package.

We will tailor a service package to meet your personal real estate goals. While we work within the traditional commission model, we also offer rebates and other rewards to share the benefits of our low overhead. Equally important, our fee structure lends itself to transparency and customer focus. We want to help you make decisions that benefit you, not a broker. Selling, buying, renting, or sometimes even waiting are equally valid choices.  All deserve fair consideration and outstanding service

There are also a few other unique ways that we work to make this a 100% transparent, friendly and effective process (however we don't want to give away all our secrets here).

The bottom-line is this: we go above and beyond as your representative. Our clients’ highest and best needs come before everything else.

Feel free to call me any time with questions about our services.


Keith Burkhardt
The Burkhardt Group