Keith, Christian and Norman,
Many thanks for your help. And patience!
This was a good outcome, we think the house suits us well.

I think we will be buying a season pass to a therapist, going into renovations.

But so far this was a smooth process and we are quite pleased.
Have a great summer,

George and Vivian.
Keith, Christian and Norman,

I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your patience and support throughout the almost four years we worked with you. We could not have asked for a better experience from our brokers, we always felt we were in great hands. As we told Norman yesterday, we will of course be recommending you to other friends and family in the area. I know its not your style, but if you ever need a review, or someone to use as a reference for a client on the fence, it would be our pleasure to oblige. And of course, come over to our new place any time!

Thank you again.

Good morning Keith,

Thanks for making our buying process seamless and smooth! We really appreciate all the help from the three of you. We are happy to recommend you guys to our friends!

We also had a wonderful experience with Barry and his team. They were very responsive and patient and really helped us understand all of the legal matters with ease. So thanks for recommending them.

We look forward to working with all of you again on future deals. Keep in touch and have a wonderful weekend!!

Ivy and Hao
Keith and team,

It’s been our absolute pleasure to work with you! It gave us confidence throughout the process to have you in our corner. Thanks for being patient and responsive to all our questions and especially for going above and beyond this week to pull this through for us!!

It has also been great to work with Barry and Brett so thanks for that recommendation as well.

Thank you so much, Keith! It was great working with your wonderful team and you have really lived up to your excellent reputation on the SE discussion boards :)
— Holly and John
Hi Keith, Norman, Christian,

Thank you all for helping us close the deal on the Park Place apartment. We just visited again and are super excited to move to a new neighborhood.

It was great working with you. I have the instructions to hold onto the check for time being.

Thank you very much
Theo & Sophia
Thanks Keith and major props to the Burkhardt Group for negotiating the free storage unit. The condo looks great and we are using our rebate check for premium window treatments and custom closets.

Happy Holidays to all!

Chris and Maya

"Good Morning:

I already said to Marty and one of my buddies last night, that I’m eager for the first opportunity to refer someone to you because I am so impressed and happy with all that you did. I think you manage the obstacles that came my/our way with the best possible skill and strategy. Further, you tolerated and contained my reactions. That’s a unique accomplishment! Those who know me well, know all of the above is quite a compliment. Historically, I have not been a fan of brokers. You changed that with regard to your group. But your words capture my experience: “excellent” and I’m sure you noticed I have a BIG mouth and will use it to spread that around. So, I hope it becomes helpful to you as time unfolds. All the best. I am certainly appreciative of Marc O encouraging me to contact you !



"Keith, Christian and Norman,

Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience buying our first home! We learned so much from you all in the process, and we really appreciate how you patiently and masterfully answered all of our newbie questions! 

We felt comfortable to take our time and make every decision with your sound advice and recommendations in mind. We appreciate never feeling rushed, or pressured in any way. Your recommendations to work with Guard Hill and Luk and Luk were excellent as well, as everyone played their part in helping this run smoothly. Norman was so professional, friendly and knowledgeable and he really taught us so much over the course of this process. 

We really felt like we were in great hands, and we will recommend the Burkhardt Group to anyone who asks!


Liz and Prathap (8/24/2017)"


Thank you very much for the warm wishes. It was truly pleasure to work with you, Christian, and Norman. We appreciate all of your guidance, expertise, and support throughout the entire process. The beautiful handwritten card with the check that Christian handed to us at closing was a wonderful surprise.

I also appreciate your recommendation for Weidenbaum & Harari. Barry and his team were great.

I will definitely be sharing the positive experience we had working with you and recommend you highly!

Best regards,

"Thanks all!

I'll certainly keep singing your praises to any potential buyers I encounter going forward. I had a great experience with the Burkhardt group, and may continue to look for something as an investment. I'll be sure to sign in as your client at any open houses, and look forward to continuing as your client.



"Keith, Christian and Norman

Thank you for all the help and guidance through the process. We enjoyed working with you and think you have an excellent business model for people that know what they're looking for.

Separately, both Norman and Christian are amazing - very professional, responsive and knowledgeable.

I wish you the best of luck with the extended services. I have already recommended you to a few friends that are looking to get into the market, and will continue to do so

Ashita and Anish"

"Thanks so much to you both - it was a pleasure working with you as well... we wouldn't have gotten to the other side of this circus without you :)


Ron & Tovah"

"Hi Keith, thank you for everything! Everything about my experience was fantastic, and I especially appreciated your communication and how straightforward you made everything. Hopefully I can reward you with some worthwhile referrals in the future."

"Dear all,

Bahar and I would like to thank each of you one more time. We could not be happier with the whole process. From start to finish, every single step was taken so smoothly and efficiently. We have been referring our friends to you and will continue to do so with great confidence.

Thank you for your exceptional service, and Happy Holidays!


"Dear Keith, Lance, Christian and Norman,

Please accept my deepest thanks for everything you all did to make my recent purchase of a Manhattan co-op possible. It was a pleasure to work with you all from start to finish!

To any readers, let me add my testimonial to the many that helped me decide to contact this group:

From the start Keith and his team were helpful and informative, very knowledgeable about buildings, values, and the whole process.  Their strategy in letting people find what interests them on StreetEasy (why do this any other way in 2016?) and then taking it from there is brilliant. Let me just say that they really do provide all the services they advertise!

Lance made all the appointments to see properties so efficiently, and so convenient for me, then showed up on time or early every single time. When I decided on an apartment, Keith was so helpful on the offering process. We got a very good price accepted! 

Then while in contract, Lance was there to facilitate my getting contractors/consultants into the apartment before closing, a tremendous head start in the renovating process.  Christian took care of so much background work. Never a mistake or a problem. Perhaps most important, they were all masters of getting the Co-op Board package together, and believe me there is nothing more important to you than their expertise on this. 

And then, before and at closing, Norman was incredibly helpful and fully prepared. Our closing was painless, and then Norman handed me a check for 1.5%, as in, a nice fat bonus covering so much more than my moving costs.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to buy in NYC, look no further than this Burkhardt Group, you will be happy you have them all working on your behalf.

Thanks all!

Dr.Victor M."


"Dear Keith, Christian and Lance,

We just want to convey our heartfelt thanks to all of you for all the help you've extended to us throughout the whole apartment buying process. You've made a very stressful experience into a seamless and painless process and we are very grateful for the expertise, professionalism and patience that you have shown in this process. We just want you to know that we appreciate all the effort and hard work you've put into this and that we are thankful to have worked with you and gotten to know all of you. Good luck in your future endeavors and we wish you all the best!

Warm regards,

Fikret and Sheilah"

Thank you Keith, Christian and Lance!

It was indeed a pleasure working with you guys!
You were the best team of all involved in this entire process!

Keith - we wish you good luck in revolutionizing the co-op purchase process, generations of future buyers will be forever grateful!

Best regards,
— Irina & Virgil
Keith, Christian and Lance,

It was truly a pleasure working with your team. We are so thankful for all your guidance and help throughout the entire process of searching and buying our new apartment. Hopefully we won’t need your services for a little while, but we will be sure to send our friends your way!
— Monica, Abe, Evan and Christopher
Thank you Keith. In a process that was filled with frustrating variables caused by several parties, I am happy to say that each of you guys were a positive constant. You were quick to respond at all hours (Olya and I remarked more than once that your availability and responsiveness reminded us of...well, us), Christian was very thorough with the board package, the walk through and ongoing advice, and Christian and Lance were always available throughout the summer when we needed an escort to visit certain apartments.

I told Christian the other day that in our view your business model is a welcome disruption to the traditional NY RE paradigm. In the internet age, the barriers to discovery of inventory that the large brokerage houses were able to erect that forced a buyer to use them no longer exist in any meaningful way (i remember those barriers were still a problem when i bought my old place back in 2005). And for people like and I that amassed our capital by being intelligent in the first place—well, we would only ever deploy it in a way that is also intelligent. So there is therefore NO way we would move forward on the biggest financial decision of our lives (bigger than all others COMBINED) without doing full independent diligence. Therefore, the traditional model makes absolutely no sense for people like us relative to yoursl. I’m, going to forego a 2% return for the “benefit” of having some junior broker of a large firm that has been in the business for six months pound the pavement with us as we trapise around the city offering advice that one could find on page 1 of a Real Estate 101 pamphlet, and the additional “benefit” of having some large firm offer to find inventory that I know I am going to find myself? Please—its a no brainer.

To echo what Olya said, we are friends with like-minded people, and intend to recommend you in the first instance to those that indicate they may be interested in looking around themselves. I can assure you of that.
— Brian
Keith, Christian and Lance,

Thank you for all the help with our search and the purchase process. With the market being so crazy it took a long time but we did finally make it! Losing almost 10-11 bids to all-cash offers over 1.5 years we were so disheartened that when we found this place on streeteasy we were wondering if it would be even worth going to the first open house. But I am glad we did :)

Seeing the rebate check after spending so much money felt really nice. Thank you!

We also want to invite you guys to come over to the apartment for a house warming party in a few months once we get done with all the renovations. (We’ll send out the the actual invites later)

Thank you!
— Chandini, Pratik, Eva and Arya
Thanks for the help. Your service makes so much sense.
I’ll be recommending your firm to my “self sufficient” friends.

All the best,
— KS
I echo Amigo88’s enthusiastic input. We worked with Keith Burkhardt last year on the purchase of a co-op - and couldn’t have been more pleased with Keith’s professionalism, insights, service, and support. He knows NYC real estate like the best of them, is responsive through every step of the process, and worked well with us to ensure the purchase and closing came off without a hitch. His business model is a great one - and we’d work with him again whenever we’re ready to purchase another place!
— Jim
Keith, yes, and thank you very much for everything. You guys were fantastic and made this process incredibly smooth, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with a broker.

All the best,
— Aaron S.
Dear All,

We started our house hunting process in January and now on October 29th we finally have a place to call home. We would not have been able to do this without your help and guidance and we wanted to thank you for your support.

Now finally the email avalanche from me are stopping ;).

It was a pleasure working with you all.

— Maria & Rishabh

"Dear Keith, Norman and Christian,

I just wanted to send a quick note of thank you to you guys. I really appreciate all of your hard work over the last (many) months, and getting us over line with the closing last week.
It is very exciting for us and there is no way we could have made this happen without you guys.
If we ever do this again (which we really hope to) we will absolutely be calling you guys first!!!

Thanks again,
Adam & Ginger"

"Dear Keith, Christian, and Norman,

Thank you so much for the good wishes and for all your help getting us to our long-awaited goal.

It has been a genuine pleasure to work with each of you; the Burkhardt Group is exceptional for its staff members' responsiveness, sound advice, attention to detail, and even keels. It was immensely reassuring to know we had you on our side during a process that is always fraught, no matter how smoothly it goes. I only wish you were representing sellers when we first spoke years ago. I know you would have saved us a lot of grief!

Wishing you the very best,

Nancy and Mark"


"Hi Keith, Christian and Norman,

I'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for your help and support in the last few months. I am very glad that the purchase happened in a smooth and timely fashion and also thankful for your helpful referrals (David's and Barry's teams).

I especially appreciate your patience with me throughout this process as a first-time buyer and will certainly and gladly refer your services to friends in the future.

Please accept my best wishes for a blessed holiday season and a great new year ahead. Thanks again!



"You, Norman, and Christian have been an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. Honest, on point with your recommendations, responsive, and generally cool as $&!t.

We would love to meet you during your next visit to NY and grab dinner with all of you or at least a drink in our new home.



"Hi Keith and Christian,

Thanks so much for everything! Being new to the process I think it was pretty clear that we weren't sure what we were doing and were anxious about a number of things. But really glad that you were both there to guide us through the process from our initial offer to closing. Your timely responses and transparency were reassuring and the rebate is icing on the cake - now we can furnish the apartment!

Thanks again. Will definitely recommend you guys if anyone asks.



"Hi Keith,

We would like to thank you, Christian, and Lance, for your excellent advice and support throughout this entire process! Your knowledge, efficiency, and professional guidance (along with top quality referrals!) are what made the whole purchase possible. We will be strongly recommending you to our friends and colleagues, and we'd be more than happy to write you a referral.

Thanks again,

Team Burkhardt,

It was a pleasure working with all of you and thanks so much for all your guidance and help.
We couldn’t be happier with the service. Happy to be a referral anytime!
— Amit
Hi, Keith and Christian

Thank you so much for working with us every steps. You guys seems too good to be true but it was really true!

Keith, we deeply admire and agree on your work philosophy in this field and hope you be the successful pioneer and path finder( as you already are!). You’ve been always very solid, candid, reliable and experienced.
Christian, you don’t say much but your every word has a keen and valid point. Your advices really help us to decide many things on sight.
Through the process, we’ve felt safe because we could see you stand with us, not with the opposite side.
Lance, we didn’t have a chance to meet you this time but i am sure you are great and hope to meet you next time.

I wish you inspire other competitors and change the market. Also I wish you grow not only your buying but also selling part so we could get help from you again when we sell ours.

Thank you so much! It was great pleasure to work with you and wish you the best!
— Cherin and. Stan
We are thrilled with this outcome, and your team did a stellar job from start to finish. Very glad to have worked with you, and we will keenly pass on your names to anyone looking.

Well done and thanks again,
— Alex

Will do. Thanks for everything! And thanks for dealing with my silly questions. The NYC co-op process is insane. I truly appreciate your help and guidance.
— Betty
Keith, Christian and Lance,

Thank you for guidance and support during our home search. We’re delighted to be moving to 388 Bridge and are looking forward to living high above Downtown Brooklyn! The Burkhardt Team never let us down during our search and was always ready to make a call, send an email or meet us a property (sometimes more than once!) We were impressed by everyone’s work, and are particularly happy that we had the chance to work with Christian the last several months. His calm, professional and friendly manner helped us always feel like were in good hands.
We hope to work with the team again in the future....just not in the too near future! We’d like to settle in to this place for a couple of years before scratching our itch to move to the next place! :-)
Take care, and best wishes for a successful 2015!
— Tom and David
Hi Keith,

Thank you for the kind note. We’ve appreciated you/your team’s assistance with this process - definitely a long road, but we agree that it was well worth the wait! We went by the new place immediately post the close yesterday - frankly, the experience was surreal (in a good way). Excited to be moving in on Monday!

In case we don’t speak anytime soon - all the best to you and your families this holiday season!

Warm Regards,
— Sonya and Ankur
Hi Christian and Keith,

I just managed to settle a bit after closing but wanted to thank you both for your help throughout the purchasing process. It has been a pleasure working with you guys and I will not have any hesitation referring friends and family to you if the opportunity comes along. Yes, it has been a long journey but overall the timings worked perfectly with me having to relocate from my previous place. Also throughout the process I got the opportunity to explore many areas within NYC and a good number of apartments which helped me feel comfortable and happy with the decision made.
Wish you and your families all the possible best.

— Stefano
Keith and Christian,

Thanks for the check! As Christian noted, certainly beats a bottle of wine (as much as I like wine)... We wanted to again express our huge thanks for everything. Our search for the right home obviously took a very long time and with too many twists/turns. But your patience, support, and truly unbiased advice allowed us to get there in the end. In this crazy market, you helped us stay unfazed and on the course. Needless to say, we are huge fans of The Burkhardt Group and have already been recommending you to all our friends. Once our renovation is done, we’d love to have you guys over for our housewarming.

With appreciation,
— J & E
Keith and Christian,

We want to thank both of you so much for all of your help, support, and endless patience, as we finally succeeded in acquiring a new home. We look forward before long to moving in and being able to have our West Side friends visit easily. We also believe our new address is a friendly place and we look forward to that as well.

Thank you also very, very much for your check, and Christian, for your nice note. You’re right, it definitely beats a bottle of champagne! You two are consummate professionals and wonderful to work with. We’ll be looking for any opportunity to recommend you to friends and acquaintances.

All the best,
— H and R


I appreciate the advice your firm gave us when we were looking in 2014. Ultimately we made a deal - buyer to seller, not listed - basically by luck — and knocking doors.

When we are next in market you will be our first call.

— Mike
Thanks Keith! It was good working with you and your team. Thank you for guiding us through this long process.

— Jon and Susan

I cannot thank you enough for all the help! I could not have done it without you and your team. I really appreciate it.
— Daniel
Hey Keith

Hope you had another good year. You are an awesome asset to your clients as always. Thanks again for all the help and hand holding you and Christian gave us way back at the end of 2011 with our Gramercy coop. Hope you and your family have a great holiday this year and into 2015.

— Tom L
Keith, Christian, and Lance,
Wendy and I just wanted to sincerely thank you for all of your patience, help, and advice these last several years during our NYC house hunt. You guys saved us from a few poorly thought through purchases (thanks Keith and Christian!) and have truly earned our trust and respect. We both feel lucky to have had you guys as our agents. If/when we move on to our next real estate deal in NYC, we will certainly be contacting you guys again.
— Steve
Thanks very much for your help guys. It’s been a pleasure working with you, and I don’t say that easily or very often.
— Alvaro M.
Yes, a big thanks to both of you and congratulations too!
Let us know of you ever want us to be a referral. Thanks again and hope to see you at the house warming, post renovation, before we are old age.
— R and A
Thanks all for getting us to this point ! Working with you was a pleasure and completely changed our real estate experience. We will be singing your praises to everyone and anyone we know looking for a buyer’s agent.

All the best to you,
— S and Q
Hi Keith, Christian,

Thank you very much for the cheque and the nice note. I like how you’re stating that you hope that it becomes ‘handy’,... it’s a significant amount that you’ve saved me, that’s more than handy,...

Thanks a lot once again for all the patience the both of you have demonstrated in walking me through many properties and the many long phone calls we’ve had on this search.

Hope you two have a great rest of the summer!
— S.H.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. Elizabeth and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about working with you. Your (and Christian’s) professionalism, diligence, and attentiveness were far superior than anything I experienced with all my “full” service brokers in my prior deals. I only wish I knew about your services earlier. Having our check at the closing (after paying out so much) was a very nice and thoughtful touch. We also appreciated your note. Liz and I would like to take your team and Barry out to lunch/dinner if you have time over the next few weeks. I also appreciated your referral to Barry. I have been involved in 5 prior purchases/sales and Barry was by far the best lawyer I worked with and have referred him to my other friends. We have also recommended you to everyone we know.

Thank you again.
— S and E
We’re officially closed!

Thanks so much to both of you for all your help during this process. I know it was a long one and I appreciate you guys putting up with all my calls and emails. You guys were awesome to work with - I frankly have no idea why any buyer would work with anyone else.

— J and E
Hi Keith and everyone,

Thank you for everything! Jenny and I were really happy with the team we put together and most of all you guys.

We really appreciated the thoughtful guidance and the responsiveness even when we were going a little crazy. We feel we made a good choice with the apt and we couldnt have done it without you.

We will probably do this again at some point in the future and when we do we will think of you guys first. We will absolutely rec you guys to our friends as well.

Thank you again and we wish you all the best.
— Jenny And Peter